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Valegro Bids Farwell

London - December 14, 2016

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Valegro Bids Farwell
Dujardin rode her 2012 London Olympic Gold medal Freestyle routine to Patriotic music and the crowd loved it.  Valegro , who has he won every major championship and holds most every dressage record, played to the crowd and performed admirably.

The event was witnessed not only by the sell-out crowd of 7.500 in the Olympia Grand Hall but also by thousands of dressage fans across the world as the BBC and FEI TV streamed the momentous occasion live.

"I don’t think there will ever be a horse that can replace Valegro," Dujardin, 31, told  Reuters in an interview after leading the 14-year-old gelding out for the cameras at the London International Horse Show at Olympia.

"But I do have some really nice up-and-coming horses as well behind him. I look at it that it’s sad but it's not the end of Valegro.  He’s still going to be seen but just not competing. It’s the start of another chapter."

Part-Owner, Carl Hester explained, "Valegro holds every record...there is nothing else for him to do.  He's fit, he's strong, he's sound, but I think when a horse has been this successful - if he ever came second I think we would all slip into a depression because it would be so unlike him, so I think now is right."

"He's not going to be retired from being ridden, he's only retired from competition, so he'll still have the chance to be out there, showing people what dressage should look like, and what it's all about."  

To watch a replay of the event go to: Valegro's Farewell Ride


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